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Our staff would like to THANK YOU in advance for considering Three Brothers Roofing Contractor  to do your roof work. We are your premier local roofing Contractor. Do you have a roof leak? Are your home or buildings contents getting wet every time it rains?  As your Local Roofing Contractor we can help. We remain the best local roofing Contractor in your area. Here we have qualified roofing project managers ready to assist and meet with you on any day you are available. We can take care of any and all of your roofing needs. Call us today and see us tomorrow a complimentary roof inspection. We offer FREE ROOF ESTIMATE at (201) 367-8963. We have same day service available if needed. Just give us a call and let us know what time works for you. We also provide emergency roofing service when you need it most and can be reached 7 days a week to tend to, wind damage, snow and ice removal, emergency roof patching.

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Your Local Roofing Company specializes in Commercial and Residential roofing. We are experts in shingle roofing, flat roofing, and slate roofing. Our roofers are among the best in the roofing business. They are highly skilled and very safety conscious. Our company prides itself on this. So if you need a commercial roofer we have you covered. If it is residential roofers you need we have you covered as well. If you need a new roof or a roof repair one of our trained roofing staff can conduct a FREE roof inspection for you. We can also have an estimate drawn up for you. Give us a call today. We will have a project manager meet with you at your property. Free phone consultations are also available to see if our company is right for you.

•New Roof Installation

•Flat Roof services

•Siding Installation

•Gutter Cleaning

•Gutter Repair

•Chimney Rebuilding

•Aluminum Fascia board

•Single or multiple shingle replacement

•Collar vent replacement

•Ridge vent replacement or repair

•Chimney Flashing replacement

•Roof Sweeps

•Valley repairs

•Plywood replacement

•Chimney cap replacement

•Snow Removal Services

•Drip edge replacement

•Chimney Flashing replacement

•Pipe Collars replacement

•Ridge Vents Installation

•New Roof Replacement

•Plywood Replacement

•Water & Ice

•Roof Sweep


•New Drip Edge

        Storm Weather Damage Repair Specialist

 Blown off Shingles- Wind storms can cause damage to specific areas of the roof. If the shingles are not too old the shingles can be replaced with matching shingles. If the roof is too old, the shingles will not match as well. That's why it's good to have extra shingles stored away when the roof is installed.

                     Gutter Cleaning   NJ

Regular cleaning of your gutters ensures proper drainage, avoiding long-term costly water damage. We clean gutters by hand to ensure all debris is removed. Most homes should have their gutters cleaned once or twice per year depending on the trees around the house.


                       Roof Damage from Animals

 Animals can cause extensive damage to roofs If they sense there is some rotted wood or damaged shingles.

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