Animal Damage Repair

Three brother Roofing which makes the carrying capacity of the land able to support more wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, and bats! Raccoons are fine with most people until they begin finding that they have a raccoon infestation in there attic. Raccoons then become a pest removal issue which most companies are afraid to touch. If done wrong, it can be a disaster, as with any situation involving wildlife removal from homes.

I understand why people want raccoons out of crawl spaces and attics. Most customers have been struggling with the issue for some time prior to calling us. We are the last resort, and we wont let you down. We can usually have raccoons out in 12 hours from when we start. Humanely treating the issue keeping the animal in mind as well as the client.

We offer professional raccoon removal services including the removal of a raccoon nest with mom and babies from attics, we remove raccoons from chimneys, we remove raccoons in house. We offer raccoon control, raccoon trapping services, raccoon damage repair, raccoon prevention and raccoon removal and exclusion services for all of eastern NJ We know how to trap raccoons and how to get rid of raccoons.

We also remove, trap, control

The squirrel can adapt to whatever situation they encounter. The secret to survival is how quickly they learn the ropes around your neighbourhood. When there is no food available, the squirrel will travel for miles to find it. That's where they will set up a home. The nest, called a "drey", is usually built high up in the trees but if no tree is available the squirrel will build it in the next best thing, your attic. If squirrel problems are not taken care of immediately, squirrels can cause damage to siding, insulation and electrical wiring.


When work has been completed and materials installed,Three Brothers Roofing offers a one year written guarantee on all of its work, this leaves our customers reassured that the pests will not come back and that they chose the right company for the job!